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Herbolaria Mexico

Herbalario Mexico is an expansion of our In Room herbal bath program at Las Alcobas. Our In Room bath program, allows our guests to choose one of three, handmade herbal bags, which are blended by our spa team to have the desired effect. 

Now, we are taking this herbal experience one step further, to include in our curated herbal spa treatment. This 90-minute treatment integrates a medium pressure massage, that is derived from a combination of a traditional Sobada massage with elements of an Abbyanga massage. This massage uses a generous amount of Frankincense and Juniper oil and is geared to relax and rejuvenate the nervous system. While the massage is being performed, large rectangular warm muslin herbal bags are place on the body, to increase circulation, calm the muscles and allow the herbs time to penetrate the body. This treatment can also be combined with our Aurora Scrub bar to create a complete Aurora Experience. 

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