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A Luxury Spa in Mexico City

Indulge in a Sensory Journey

Aurora, The Spa at Las Alcobas is a refuge of style and luxury in the heart of Mexico’s greatest city. We have meticulously blended the rich history and culture of Mexico with the highest levels of service and refinement. Our cozy spa in Mexico City provides a luxurious hideaway to experience a range of targeted treatments featuring some of the country's most cherished natural resources plus a range of freshly blended oils and ingredients. Additionally, we offer specials that allow our loyal guests an even greater experience of Mexican luxury. 

We strive to create a personalized experience for all our guests, by training our therapists to intuitively tailor treatments for your immediate needs. Incorporating a powerful collection of indigenous ingredients, fresh made bases and organic essential oils, our therapists have all the tools to provide you with a truly pampering experience, thanks to Aura Cacia´s renowned pure essential oils. The oils we have chosen have a strong significance in daily life, healing and rituals in Mexico.

                                                Cocoa Butter            Arnica                Lavender                Coffee   

                                                Walnuts                    Bergamot           Juniper                    Calendula                                                             

                                                Chamomile              Almonds             Lemon                     Rosemary            

                                                            Experience natural healing and modern luxury
                                                                        Aurora, The Spa at Las Alcobas