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Fine Dining in Mexico City

Anatol & Dulce Patria

Experience two upscale gourmet restaurants with very different and complementary concepts of fine dining in Mexico City. Las Alcobas' approach to dining favors sophistication, opening a world of opportunity for guests to experience the perfect balance between the known and unknown: the sensory details, the freshness of the ingredients, and the polished service all combine at Anatol and Dulce Patria for a sensational outing to some of the best opportunities for dining at Mexico City's Polanco neighborhood restaurants. 

Anatol Restaurant is a seasonal, consciously-sourced, ingredient-driven restaurant. The menu consists of composed small plates, presented in a social and casual environment. Renowned Chef Justin Ermini has assembled a menu that is ideal for those seeking a laid back dining experience with a touch of Italian influence. Anatol's contemporary and fresh environment amplifies the passion its food inspires. 

Dulce Patria, directed by talented Chef Martha Ortiz, is a 90 seat, high energy venue that has redefined the Mexican dining experience. The menu is comprised of traditional plates reinterpreted in a modern context, set in a lively, stylish and urban environment. The restaurant boasts two terraces that give the inside of the restaurant a serene, spacious and open-air feel.

Presidente Masaryk 390
Col. Polanco
Mexico D.F. 11560
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Col. Polanco
Mexico D.F. 11560
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Fax: 52(55) 3300 3955