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Even More Hotel Amenities at Las Alcobas

Personalized Services for Memorable Stays

Retreat to a relaxing, luxury getaway at Las Alcobas, the best among hotels in Mexico City. Our five star luxury hotel is composed of both architectural as well as aesthetic exquisiteness while simultaneously offering thoughtful service. By melding personalized amenities with around the clock attentiveness, guests receive an exclusive and one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Enjoy signature Mexico City hotel services personalized with you in mind:

  • ACI is a welcome refreshment delivered to room upon check in. Reflecting the spirit of native hospitality, Aci means “to arrive” in Nahuatl, the ancient language of Mexico City.
  • DESPERTAR is a wake up service that features a choice of coffee, tea or smoothie for a refreshing start to your day.
  • MI SEGUNDA CASA gives guests the opportunity to use Las Alcobas as a second home, storing personal belongings in private hotel wardrobe. Service includes cleaning, pressing, laundering, repairing clothes and replenishment of favorite toiletries.
  • PERSONAL HOST services includes all the assistance a butler would provide, among other services helping guests choose form a selection of handmade soaps which reflect the various local and cultural ingredients of ancient Mexican traditions. Using a selection of bath oils, lotions and scents, our relaxation specialists will draw up the perfect bath for guests. You will find our specially created bath rituals to be opulent and soothing, a part of the luxurious relaxing environment at Las Alcobas.  Your Host is also in charge of arranging your spa and massage treatments at the signature Aurora Spa. In addition, it will serve you with any reservation, air confirmations, booking tours, from the simplest requirement to orchestrating the most extravagant experience.