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Facials Featuring Cinq MOnde

Cinq Monde Paris

After spending several years traveling the globe exploring the ancient beauty and wellness traditions of the world. Jean-Louis Poiroux , formerly of Loreal Paris, created Cinq Monde Since opening of its first Spa in the heart of Paris. Cinq Monde has been praised as the French pioneer and expert in professional spa treatments and skincare.


Ko Bi Do Anti Aging Facial                                                                                           90 Minutes/ $3500

This global anti aging, anti wrinkle facial is inspired by an ancient Japanese Ritual.  A targeted draining and firming massages is paired with a regenerating patented mask, which revives the skin and increases luminosity.

Ko Bi Do Lifting and Plumping Facial                                                                         60 Minutes / $2700

This facial includes a unique anti aging complex plus a targeted draining and detoxifying facial massage to renew and reviitilize tired skin. 

Sublimidor Facial                                                                                                          60 Minutes / $2400 

Based on an ancient Balinese beauty ritual which incorporates using five flowers; Gardenia, Lily, Hibiscus, Frangipani and Jasmin, to soften and refresh the skin. Leaves the skin fresh, with the use of Cinq Monde patented Kombucka formula for a new glow. 

Mini Facial                                                                                                                       30 Minutes/$1300