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Mexican Spa Massages

Experience the Extraordinary

All our massages can be tailored to suit your immediate needs. If you would like to change the choice of oil or even combine elements of different massages or pressures, our therapists are trained to customize your treatments to your specifications. We ask that you discuss any concerns or expectations before commencing your massage.

Aurora Signature Massage                                                                                 60/90 MINUTES/ $1500/$2000
    Medium pressure – Swedish massage
    Recommended for: overall fatigure, muscle tension, relaxation

    This massage incorporates long flowing strokes to warm and relax tissues, improve circulation and relieve tension. 
    Lavender inhalation - cocoa oil 

Deep Arnica Massage                                                                                         60/90 MINUTES/ $1600/$2100
    Deep pressure – strong massage
    Recommended for: sore muscles, stiffness, swelling, jet lag

    Release deep tension, stress and fatigue. Complete with an application of Arnica on sore muscles. Arnica grown in Mexico is used to soothe muscle aches with its anti-inflammatory benefits.
    Rosemary inhalation – lemon & rosemary massage oil – pomade de arnica

Aromatherapy Tlilxochitl                                                                                    60/90 MINUTES/$1400/$1900
    Light pressure – smooth strokes

    Recommended for: nervous tension, insomnia, depression
    We blend aromatic oils of jasmine and vanilla and apply with light pressure. Soft tender strokes calm the muscles, nervous system and mind.
    Vanilla inhalation – jasmin & vanilla oil

Detox Massage                                                                                                    60/90 MINUTES/$1900/$2400
    Vigorous - targeted pressure above the muscle
    Recommended for: slimming, cellulite & hangovers
    This intense and vigorous massage increases circulation and removes toxins. It also flushes the lymph system and promotes draining of the body´s excess fluids. Not recommended for high     blood pressure or diabetics.
    Juniper inhalation – sage & juniper & coffee oil

Sports Massage                                                                                                    90 MINUTES / $2200
    Strong pressure and stretching 
    Recommend for: stiff joints, sore muscles, lethargy

    Excellent to remove lactic acid build up that causes soreness in the muscles. Strong massage techniques plus deep stretching help repair and relax overused or tense muscles.
    Orange inhalation – cinnamon & orange oil – pomade de calendula

Obsidian Hot Stone Massage                                                                             90 MINUTES / $2400
    Medium pressure - hot stones
    Recommended for: insomnia, nervous tension, balancing energy

    Stones mined from Jalisco are known for their balancing effect on the body. Gently glided along the body to induce deep relaxation and calm, when combined with massage, it allows muscles     to further relax and release nervous tension and stress.
    Sandalwood inhalation – ylang ylang and coco oil – obsidian hot stones

Lemon and Rosemary Jet Lag Massage                                                            30 MINUTES / $850
    Medium to hard pressure massage – back, scalp & feet
    Recommended for: jet lag, muscle stiffness, aches, tired feet

    Effective treatment for relieving headaches, chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as stress and tension throughout the body.
    Rosemary inhalation – lemon & rosemary oil – rosemary & arnica foot pomade