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Mexican Healing Rituals

Mexican Healing Rituals

Take a luxurious journey into the rich medicinal history of Mexico and discover a different side of this magical civilization.  An integral part of Mexico’s history, healing with nature has been a tradition handed down from generation to generation in order to restore balance in the body and mind. Included are only a small selection of medicinal herbs, remedies and treatments known for their curative powers.

Purifying Chicxulub

From ancestral times Mayans have used minerals, mud and plants extracted from one of the most peculiar terrestrial formations: the Chicxulub crater in the Yucatan Peninsula. The minerals in particular are said to have mysterious curative effects on the skin, muscles and the immune circulatory system. Seaweed improves the skin’s natural elasticity and smooth texture.  This is just what you need to renew your strength, vitality and well being. Cleanse and purify your body with this ancestral scrub and wrap made out of organic ingredients extracted from the nature of our Mayan land. 60 minutes

Tepezcohuite Body Drench

Immerse yourself with this one-of-a-kind signature treatment benefiting from the renowned healing properties of the Mexican Skin Tree’s bark known as Tepezcohuite. It is a natural wonder of healing that has been utilized by the indigenous people of Mexico for centuries to cure ailments of all types. Considered the “Sacred Tree”, Tepezcohuite protects and stimulates the generation of collagen and elastin, particularly in treating sunburns, blemishes, scars and facial expression lines. It is also said to regenerate soft tissue. The special restorative properties of this bark are combined with natural aloe to create a mask that will hydrate and soften your skin. Finishing the treatment with a cooling and refreshing mint body lotion will leave your skin silky smooth. As a result your senses will be awakened while your mind and body will be invigorated. 60 minutes minutes

Dulce Tzapotl

One of the great contributions of the Olmeca Culture “The mother of all the cultures” in our history was the Zapote. Aurora Spa invites you to experience the extraordinary benefits of this fruit’s black pulp that helps to slow down cellular aging. Its high quantities of antioxidants inhibit the free radicals, which gradually aggravate body tissues. This treatment will give to your skin natural moisture and a radiating luminosity. For a final touch the application of an orange cream that will leave your skin soft and smooth. 60 minutes