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Decompress in luxury

Renew your body and spirit with our comprehensive line of massages. Massage infuses serenity, spirit and soul to the body. Find the path to your own tranquility and allow yourself to be transported by your senses while the professional hands of our therapists do the rest.

Lemon and Rosemary Sensory Massage

This sensory experience is an effective treatment for relieving headaches, chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as stress and tension throughout the body. A potent blend of purifying lemon and firming rosemary oil is heated in hydrating almond oil and applied generously to the scalp. The treatment slowly works toward the shoulders and back, when completed hot stones are place on the shoulder area to deepen the enjoyment with a relaxing and penetrating foot massage. 30 minutes

Aurora Signature Massage

We welcome you into our home with our full body Swedish massage using local cocoa butter for deep penetration and skin soothing relaxation. Considered the food of the Mayan Gods, cocoa also symbolized physical vigor and longevity. Mayan Doctors used it for therapy because of its stimulating and soothing effects. This massage incorporates long, flowing strokes and gentle transitions designed to warm and relax the tissues, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.  50 and 80 minutes

Deep Arnica Massage

An intensive deep-reaching massage directed toward individual muscle fibers. Designed to release deeply held patterns of tension, stress and fatigue, this treatment concludes with the application of arnica salve on sore muscles. Also known as leopard’s bane, arnica has been used to soothe muscle aches with its anti-inflammatory benefits. It is highly recommended for frequent travelers for relief from the stiffness and aches of jet lag.50 and 80 minutes

Aroma Tlilxochitl

On the coast of Veracruz the Spanish conquerors of Mexico encountered the vanilla plant, a unique member of the orchid’s family. The Aztecs used it as a form of aromatherapy, to calm, smooth and stimulate the energetic centers known as “chakras.”  At Aurora Spa, we blend the aromatic oils of jasmine and vanilla for your massage and apply them with light pressure. Soft strokes, gentle touch and soft music are tenderly combined to create an unforgettable Spa experience. 50 and 80 minutes

Obsidian Hot Stone Massage 

A truly sublime and unforgettable Spa experience, the treatment incorporates the smooth obsidian stone, mined from the deposits of Jalisco. The stones are heated and in the gentle hands of our therapists they will restore your well-being and align the energy of your body. To the pre-Hispanic people the obsidian or volcanic glass were a symbol of the union between the celestial world and the earth. Obsidian was intensively used to make tools and jewelry in the great pre-Hispanic cities like Teotihuacan and Tenochtitlan. This ancient massage, using local precious hot stones and sweet almond oil, calms the nervous system, warms and relaxes muscle tissue and creates a harmony between body, mind and energy. 80 minutes