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Body Treatments

Uncover a new side of your skin


Your skin will enjoy an exfoliation with the natural ingredients of your choice. Indulge in the healing waters of our rain shower to cleanse your body and relax your soul. The treatment ends with a concentration of moisturizers applied with a slight massage to smooth and protect your skin. 45 minutes

Healing Salts and Plants

Herbal medicine was used for curative purposes for centuries by the pre-hispanic towns of Mexico. Through their colors and aromas, the plants were used to elevate moods and improve health. This treatment includes essential flower oils, seawater crystals and natural herbs such as rosemary, mint and chamomile. Together they hydrate and nourish the skin as they create an exquisite blend that stimulates the senses of smell and touch to increase circulation, exfoliate the skin and mildly detoxify the body. Finally, a cooling and refreshing mint lotion is applied on the body, leaving the skin moist and silky smooth. 45 minutes

Cafetzin Scrub

From this treatment explore the Mexican region of Cordoba, Veracruz, where some of the best coffees in the world are grown. Luxuriate in our magnificent anti-oxidant and anti-cellulite exfoliation. This intoxicating aromatic treatment uses coffee grounds that are blended with highly moisturizing almond oil.
Rejuvenate your skin and arouse your senses with this indigenous Spa treatment that will provide a stimulating and refreshing cleanse for the whole body. A gentle application of coffee milk body lotion with a touch of cinnamon will complement this exfoliation, as your journey to the coffee plantations of Mexico concludes. 45 minutes


Nourish and pamper your body and the soul. Each body mask is gently applied to the skin and you are swaddled to enhance the benefits of the ingredients. While the product is resting, enjoy your choice of a scalp, hand or foot massage to deepen your relaxation. When you emerge from your cocoon, enjoy the power of a penetrating rain shower followed by a final application of nutrients to seal in the benefits. 45 minutes

Tepezcohuite Body Drench

Immerse yourself with this one-of-a-kind signature treatment benefiting from the renowned healing properties of the Mexican Skin Tree’s bark known as Tepezcohuite. It is a natural wonder of healing that has been utilized by the indigenous people of Mexico for centuries to cure ailments of all types. Considered the “Sacred Tree”, Tepezcohuite protects and stimulates the generation of collagen and elastin, particularly in treating sunburns, blemishes, scars and facial expression lines. It is also said to regenerate soft tissue.The special restorative properties of this bark are combined with natural aloe to create a mask that will hydrate and soften your skin. Finishing the treatment with a cooling and refreshing mint body lotion will leave your skin silky smooth. As a result your senses will be awakened while your mind and body will be invigorated. 60 minutes

Meringue de Ahuacatli 

A super hydrating body wrap rich in vitamin E, specially designed for dry skin that fails to respond to conventional therapies. The experience begins with a relaxing massage using organic avocado oil, followed by an application of a homemade meringue with native aguacate, a rich emollient which soothes, nourishes, heals, and smoothes skin.
While the body is wrapped, enjoy a scalp massage as the nutritious avocado oils penetrate your pores, providing a sensation of deep hydration. Melt into pleasure, as your skin discovers the benefits of avocado. 60 minutes