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Our Philosophy

The Las Alcobas Experience

The Disconnection

When you travel, you become disconnected from the comforting spaces of home, from the private nooks that you retreat to when you need to relax and recharge. When you find yourself inside a sleek guest room, you can feel that disconnection keenly: your sense of ‘home’ is lost, and your surroundings seem foreign.

The Las Alcobas Connection

You will find the place of your dreams in Las Alcobas, where intimate alcoves emanate the serenity and warmth of the most special place in the world: home. These alcoves, or alcobas, have been crafted with every attention to comfort and quality and detail. When you step inside your “alcoba”, you enter an oasis of calm that nurtures your senses and reinvigorates your physical and mental being. At Las Alcobas, you experience the comforts of home within a refined, luxurious setting.

The Mantra of Home

Las Alcobas embodies a new approach towards your comfort. A guest house is a private home that has been transformed for overnight guests. A former apartment complex, Las Alcobas has evolved from a series of private ‘homes’ into a collection of meticulously crafted, intimate alcoves. Within the serene walls of Las Alcobas, you are a treasured guest in a space that has been naturally imbued with the special qualities that you associate with ‘home.’

The Enveloping

From the moment you enter Las Alcobas, you are enveloped in a welcoming calm. With its friendly hosts greeting you, its trickling water fountain masking noise from the outside world, and its glass-encased staircase winding upwards to your private alcove, Las Alcobas slowly draws you into a welcoming embrace that lulls your senses. Boisterous activities exist beyond our tranquil façade. Only gentle sounds and gestures exist in our lobby, a harbinger of the haven that you will discover in your alcoba.

The Cocooning

Entering your guest room brings you into an oasis of relaxation and reconnection. Design and décor elements of wood, leather, stone, and wool create warmth and texture. Custom-designed furnishings mould to your body and harmonize with the handcrafted quality of the room. Linens of the finest weave swathe you in serenity. Superior technological amenities and a room that flows from one functional space to another make it effortless to transition from business to leisure.

The Emerging

Whether preparing for your day or ending it, your bathroom alcove offers replenishment and renewal. Without leaving your guest room, you experience a total spa environment in a room of marble and mirrors. Soft music sets the mood for relaxation. Body sprays and soaking air tubs cleanse and reinvigorate. Extensive spa and bath menus offer you comforts beyond your dreams, while aromatherapy bath products calm and revitalize. Plush custom-made bath linens enfold you as you emerge, fully revitalized, from your Las Alcobas experience. 

Las Alcobas. Refining the art of hospitality. Visit us, and you'll learn first hand that one of the best Mexico resorts is also an escape into unparalleled serenity.