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Reliable Amenities at Our Mexico City Business Hotel

“Mi Segunda Casa” Signature Service at Las Alcobas

We all know how tiring and stressful traveling can be. The demands of business and leisure travel can make it difficult to relax. In these situations, we often find ourselves missing the comforts of home - those nooks we seek out when we need to relax and recharge and the calm we feel when we're completely at ease in our environment.

At Las Alcobas, we have recreated the serenity and warmth of the most special place in the world: home. With our “Mi Segunda Casa” program, returning guests will have the opportunity to use Las Alcobas as a second home during their travel in Mexico City. These guests will be provided a personal wardrobe to store their own belongings. The service will include cleaning, pressing, laundering, garment repair and/or replenishment of favorite toiletries.

You take care of business. We’ll take care of you. Welcome home.